Hybrid sturgeon caviar (Acipenser schrenckii х Huso dauricus), perfect combination of Schrenckii and Dauricus, is one of the most cherished species all over the world.

The fish: offspring of Kaluga (♀) and Shrenckii (♂), wild hybrid can be found in the Amur River between China and Russia. The species normally matures in the 8th ~ 10th year, and can live up to 60 years and reach over 50kg. It’s a unique variety from China.

The caviar: is produced from roes of mature hybrid of over 7~8 years of aqua culture. Its color can be brownish yellow, or light grey. The roe diameter is over 3.0 mm. The roes are firm, have a strong creamy taste and long after taste.


“Tzar Caviar - Tzar Delicates” - it’s a new product, with grains that burst in
your mouth, became a real sensation and gives you complete delight of
the original product. The product is made of natural ingredients, such as
mackerel, hunchback salmon, vegetable oil and has no preservatives and
artificial additives.


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